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Holorays One is a desktop system in which you can place your phone or tablet and create optical hologram illusions.

Does not include electronics. It passes the image formed on your screen through the reflector made of special nano material and covered with holographic film. This system has an optical feature that shows the black areas in the videos transparent.

Thus, it allows you to make your main subject appear as if it is floating in mid-air and captivate the beholders.


How to use?

  • - You can reflect our ever-increasing number of fun or relaxing holographic images and turn them into surprising and vibrant home-office decor. (Birds, flowers, fire shows, 3d animations and more...)
  • - Capture the people you love with your mobile phone in front of a black background or in a dark room with focus lighting. Now you can watch and immortalize them as holograms.
  • - Show your 3d logo and products as holograms to your visitors in your office or waiting areas.
  • - Convert all games with black backgrounds or fun equalizer programs that move to music into holograms. (List of game and music visualizers included)
  • - With our 'Smart Virtual Assistant' app coming soon, your personal assistant Linda will talk to you and make your life easier.

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Erdem Meta

Almost no one has ever seen a hologram in their life. It is an amazing experience to use it in my home and office with an interesting and stylish design, to display my works and to look at my loved ones. My clients and family agree that I am a person who lives ahead of their time.

Yaemin Ulak

It added a completely different atmosphere to the house. At first, my guests think that the animals or rotating objects that appear there are real 🙂 It was a very valuable gift; Thank you to my husband and to you.

Erkin Can

I use it in my practice to show holograms describing tooth types and treatments, and rotating holograms of my logo. My patients are impressed by our use of high technology and they are aware that we follow the future.

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